Going Through the Temple | 6.24.17

Guys!! Have you ever had a childhood dream come true?! Because on Saturday, June 24, 2017 the first half of one of my forever long dreams came true! The love of my life took me through the temple! πŸ™‚ It was the most incredible thing I have ever got to experience in my life.

At first I was really nervous and I could feel satan trying to keep me out of the temple. I could see satan working on some of the family members that were going with me as well. I will never regret the decision to go through and get to experience that with all the people I love so very much. I have never felt so much love and joy than I did that day while I was inside. I have never looked at Nolan with more compassion and love and I can only imagine how I will feel looking at him on Friday when he becomes my husband.

Going through on Saturday made me so anxious to get sealed to Nolan on Friday. Even more family and friends will be there supporting us and it is going to be so great! I hope that everyone, one day, will be able to experience this for themselves.


When I got to the temple I found out that Nathan Nielson, a friend from school that I grew up with was going through the same time as I was. It was fun to have him and his family there as well. We had a lot of love and support from both of our families. I love that I grew up in Blanding where there are so many good friends surrounding you cheering you on.

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