Start of my Fitness Journey

I am starting over! I have gone from being on a good schedule and having a good routine that I followed faithfully. Then there have been other times where I slack off and I don’t work out consistently and everyone once in a while I will have a good work out. It seems like I do better at working out and staying on track when I am accountable for something or to someone.

For the past month I have been working out a few times a week. I have realized throughout my fitness journey that I always set expectations and goals that are unachievable and that I won’t meet and I get disappointed, discouraged and then I quit and tell myself there is no point. I have learned to set small goals and work up from there. REALISTIC goals are very important to success.

The goals I would set would turn my life around in a day. You can’t change your entire life routine in one day, you will get burned out and it is likely that you won’t be able to stick with it. I would make goals such as; work out an hour every day, only eat (x) amount of calories, and so on. I always failed because you can’t go from one extreme to another.

So here are some of my goals to that I am starting right now. I am starting Kayla Itsines’ BBG work outs. I have link her website here and her Instagram account here. I am taking it slow and at my own pace so I don’t get discouraged and brought down to the point of quitting. I have set only a 4 veryΒ small goals to really focus on and get me started.

My goals:

  1. Work out / exercise / do something active to get my heart going AT LEAST 3 times a week.
  2. Stretch / yoga every night before bed. I have found that this helps me sleep a lot better and sleep is SO important.
  3. Don’t use my phone 1 hour before going to bed so I can get a better nights sleep.
  4. Don’t skip breakfast or any meal for that matter.

Some things to help me stay motivated

  1. Get a work out buddy that will push you and you can rely on. This helps me SO much because sometimes I won’t have any desire to go to the gym or go hit the track for a run but your buddy will and you can’t tell them no. And it goes both ways. You are each other’s motivation.
  2. Get new work out gear. I love getting new work out gear, especially clothes and shoes. It makes me excited to wear it so I get excited to put it on and go work out!
  3. I pay attention to the way I feel when I do exercise and compare it to how I feel when I don’t and I have to tell myself that the pain is worth it.
  4. Make a playlist of songs that will keep you pumped up through out your work out.
  5. Mix it up a little bit. I get bored with working out in the same place all the time so I like to change-up the scenery every once in a while. Luckily BBG work outs you can easily do at home or anywhere really. Some times I like to stay home and work out, I like working out in parks and places outside. Outside is my favorite places to exercise. And of course there is the gym. Or if you’re a swimmer, I have swam in pools and gone to reservoirs, dams, and lake and go swimming around there.

One more IMPORTANT thing when working out. For me it is so important to have good shoes and make sure to know when to replace them. I am obsessed with tennis shoes and buying them always feels so good!! And really, you can never have enough shoes, or work out tennis! Although my husband would disagree haha

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