Raspberry Picking

So apparently today is Friday?? I have been SO mixed up on my days this week. Yesterday (Thursday) I thought it was only Tuesday and I keep thinking today is Saturday! This week has gotten me all confused for some reason.Β 

On Monday, (I think it was Monday but it very well could have been Tuesday?) I got to go pick and eat fresh raspberries for the first time!! I just recently started loving raspberries, I used to hate them. I was so excited to pick raspberries but when it came to eating them I was a little hesitant. ONE, because I hadn’t washed them yet and TWO, because in my head I still don’t know how I feel about them, but once I start eating them I can’t stop, it is just the thought I need to get used to (weird, I know)

Nolan and I have been adopted by the Rowley family here in Duchesne. They are the best family I have ever met. So down to earth, SO sweet, kind, funny, energetic, caring and everything good. Maylene has a garden that she absolutely loves, gardening is her thing!! She taught the lesson in relief society a few Sunday’s ago and the topic was technology and somehow she turned the whole thing into gardening. It was such a good lesson don’t get me wrong, she is a funny lady. Anyways, her daughter-in-law, Shanae invited over to Maylene’s and her little boy wanted me to go pick some raspberries with him. So of course I did, and it was so fun!! The Rowley’s house is always so fun, I don’t want to ever leave Duchesne just because I don’t want to leave our new family 😦

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