La Caille

FUN FACT: A huge part of my family originated from France. So I guess this explains my love for the country, the language, the food and everything else, right? Where are my Frenchies?!

On the mountain side in Sandy, Utah there is a French restaurant, ‘La Caille’. It is SO amazing! There is beautiful stream flowing through the garden, the landscaping is AMAZING and the food inside the cottage like restaurant is to die for!! It is also so fun to see the peacocks and geese roaming around in the grape vineyard and swimming around in the pond.


Now, it is a bit pricey, I’ll say that right now, BUT it is so worth it and everyone should try it at least once in their life!! I haven’t been for too long. These pictures are from when I went in high school. The first picture of the bridge (and on the balcony) is a picture of me and one of my very best and most cherished friends from high school, Hannah.

I wish I had more pictures that I could post on here but that’s okay, it gives me another reason to go back, so I guess I won’t complain too much. But every time I go it makes me want to go to France so bad I go into a depressive state haha no really but kind of. So the question is, who wants to go to France with me?? Like seriously, who wants to go?! I want to plan a trip!!! Leave a comment below, email me, dm me on insta or anything! We can get a super cute airbnb and adventure parts of this beautiful country!!

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