Love Yourself


The motivation behind a lot of people to start working out is to lose weight so they can be skinnier. I mean, what girl in todays world can actually tell me they haven’t felt like they aren’t skinny enough or their body isn’t good enough? The world has put a such a huge emphasis on girls and how they should look. They should be tall, with a flat stomach, skinny legs, big/bubble butt, and big boobs.

I know that I have played the comparison game and been so down on myself at times that I would think, “Why am I even trying?” and I want to give up as I look at pictures on the internet of girls with what is considered a “perfect body”. It seems like they just have a naturally perfect body, do they even have to work for it? I swear celebrities are always posting about the ice cream, chocolate and cake that they are eating. I’m pretty sure I gain like 5 pounds as soon as that food is in my hand. That dang comparison game will kill you and tear you down. Honestly, you will NEVER look like the girls in the magazines or that are on the internet and tv. A lot of the pictures you see are PHOTOSHOPPED, they themselves don’t even look that way.

The reason you will never look like the girls you think have perfect bodies is because you physically cannot. Your body is one of a kind. Not like any other body in the world. Being healthy, fit and in shape is going to look different on you than it will on anyone else. Who knows, maybe the way your body looks when it has been worked into shape, you might actually like your body better than the girl you had wished to look like.

In my journey and levels of fitness I have been learning to love my own body. It is not easy for me to do and I find myself picking out every wrong thing with myself. From the extra pouch of fat on my stomach to the little pimples that seem to take over my face, to the way the hair on my eye brows grow. I can tear myself down in a matter of minutes and even second. That being said, I also can put myself in a dang good mood by digging out the good in myself. I read a saying once that went something like.. “If you wouldn’t say it to your best friend, don’t say it to yourself.” Would you ever tell your best friend that they are fat, out of shape, ugly or not good enough? NOOOO! So why are you telling yourself that?

Fitness and life in general to me is a total mind game. When I find myself picking myself up and working on loving me and accepting me and my body for who we are, I am so much happier. I am slowly but surely starting to focus more on the way that I feel after a work out and when I eat right rather than on how I look. I have noticed a lot of changes with my body the past few months and I genuinely feel so much better when I exercise and fuel my body instead of binging and feeding it whatever it might think it wants at the time.

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