Nols Birthday!!

Okay October is here and I need to pick up the slack and finish this post about Nolan birthday!! It was almost 2 weeks ago but after the move to Texas everything has been crazy. I’m finally getting back on the blog and updating it.

So, Nolan is 23 now!!!! He hates it when I say his age cause he thinks he’s “so old” hahaha. I had so much fun getting everything ready for him and celebrating his day with him. This is the 3rd birthday of his sense we have been together, or hanging out at the beginning of our relationship and it is the FIRST birthday of either of ours that we have actually got to spend together and it was so much fun!!

I was hiding his gifts for a few weeks and I was so excited to pull them all out and get everything ready for him. It was a busy day for me and I feel like that doesn’t happen a lot anymore. I woke up and got completely ready first thing, then I went to the store and got all of the last-minute birthday stuff I needed. I wrapped his presentsΒ and went to lunch with Madison, who just got home from her LDS mission, she is a champ!! I came home and immediately through the cake in, decorated everything and cleaned everything spotless. I had just finished icing the cake when I heard Nols pulling up the driveway, so I locked the door so he couldn’t come in if I didn’t get the candles on the cake soon enough haha. Luckily I got everything ready just as he was walking up so I didn’t have to lock him out! Side note: I promise I’m not a mean wife! It was so fun to decorate and spoil him, we opened gifts and then went to dinner. After dinner we hung out and had so much fun spending time together and eating cake.

Guys, his birthday was 2 weeks ago and I still have that happy birthday banner hanging up. I should probably take that down. I love spoiling Nolan, he works so hard and deserves to be spoiled like that every day!! I love holidays and events and decorating for everything! I make every event a big deal cause it is so much fun! Anyways, I love you Nolan and I’m so lucky you are mine foreva!!! Happy Birthday.

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