Blanding bound + cabin fever

Hey y’all, I have been having the worst luck these past few days. First of all I had so many pictures ready to upload to the blog on my Samsung. For my birthday last week Nolan took me to go get an iPhone cause he knew how much I was missing my old iPhone (best husband ever 🙌🏼) When we made the switch I lost all but 1 picture, how random? I tried putting them all on a flash drive but I can’t get them onto my computer 🙁 then a few days later my computer crashed and it is off getting fixed right now!! And to top it all off I have been sick all week, my voice sounds like darthvador and my nose is so stuffy, I feel bad for taking breathing out of both nostrils for granted like I have, I will try to never do that again haha. And I have been fighting a double ear infection, I’m an adult and I thought we didn’t have to deal with that anymore? I was clearly wrong haha. But on the bright side, Nolan and I get to go to Blanding tonight!! That is always exciting and so fun to see our families. We are so giddy this time around because we have been missing our cute little niece Oakley who is getting so big now! We get to spend the entire week of Thanksgiving in Blanding and we are so excited.

Alright so let me tell you a little bit about these jeans. They are my all time favorite! Hands down!!! I wear them every chance I get and this might not be the last time you see me rocking these sweet things around! Here is the link to those. My shoes are from the same shop that is racking up high on my favorites list and sadly they just sold out, but they always have cute shoes and good sales to keep an out for and you can see the shoes they have here. And I can’t find my exact sweater but here is one that I found on poshmark, if you don’t have poshmark you should totally get it! You can find lightly used designer clothing for such good good deals! And you can also follow me for when I go through my closet and sale my clothes for good deals as well!


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