My Current Hair Care Products

I get asked about the hair products I use so often, so I have decided to share with everyone my favorite products that I am currently using to keep my hair healthy and fresh.

This product has been my number one favorite hair product for YEARS!! Moroccan oil does wonders on my hair! This is a hair necessity, I always have it on hand and I take it everywhere with me. I use this for so many different things. I use it to calm down any frizz I might be having, every day after I style my hair I will apply this to my ends and run it through all my locks with my fingers to give it that shiny and perfect finishing touch. It keeps your hair healthy, keeps it from breaking and it keeps your ends from splitting. I use this so much and it makes your hair smell SO yummy!!

I just started using this leave-in conditioner and I love it. I use it after every time I shampoo and condition my hair. I just towel dry my hair so it isn’t sopping wet and take about 2 pumps and massage it into the ends of my hair and move upwards toward my roots and style as I normally would. If you use too much you might feel it weighing down your hair or making it harder for your hair to hold a curl, so you just have to use as much as you feel is good for your own hair. My mother-in-law gave this to me after I was complaining about my split ends and it fixed that problem. Thanks Kate 😘

These are the two shampoo and conditioners I am using right now. I have learned that shampoo and conditioner will make or break your hair. Literally. These are my two favorites that my mother-in-law also ordered for me, she gave me the white bottles for my high school graduation and the purple bottles for Christmas last year and they easily became my favorites.

So I have been getting introduced to a lot of hair products from my mother-in-law if you haven’t noticed. She is a cosmetologist and always has good hair products. She also introduced me to this hair spray. Hair spray isn’t something that I use to pay too much attention to because I never used it. I still don’t use it a whole lot but I use it way more than I use to and a good hair spray changes everything.

This is the best dry shampoo/styling paste!! I use this faithfully! And it lasts forever because you don’t have to use a ton for it to be affective! You’re welcome 😉

When I style my hair and use any kind of heat I ALWAYS use some kind of heat protecting product. Heat is so bad for your hair and a lot of times there is no avoiding using heat so make sure you are protecting those locks with a good heat protecting spray or some kind of heat protection. Happy styling 🙂


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