Getting Ready For the Big Day

We started getting ready at 6:45 on the morning of my wedding. When we scheduled to start that early I thought for sure that I would not be able to get out of bed. Turns out I was up ALL NIGHT and didn’t get any sleep cause I was way too excited.I was wishing I would’ve scheduled everything earlier. The sealing time, the time we took pictures and when we started getting ready, I wish it all was like 3 hours earlier than it was. If I was up at 3 in the morning everyone else should be too right? haha jk


Trisha is seriously amazing. She did my hair for everything! In all of my wedding pictures, including bridals and everything. She has the hands behind every perfectly placed strand of hair. She is so talented and I loved having her there with me in the brides room to help me get ready for the temple exit.

Some details of my dress. This dress was so complicated to put on and take off. We had 2 clams and all of those buttons to button and un-botton. It was worth it thought because how beautiful is this dress?? Want to here another reason why Trisha is the best? When I was leaving to take my bridals she was buttoning up my dress and one of the buttons was barely hanging on by a tiny thread. She whipped out her handy dandy thread and needle and sewed on my button right then and there. Jokingly she said, “Sage, you’re so lucky you have me.” We both laughed but it was so true.

I was so nervous and my mind was all over the place. I was getting ready to leave and I saw my deodorant sitting on the bed. I realized I never put any on that morning. The dress was already all buttoned up and there was no way we were about to take it back off and I couldn’t reach to put it on my self. So Trisha came to the rescue again.. who knew that there would come a day so early in my life I couldn’t put on my own deodorant. LOL!! Mallory captured every moment so perfectly, from the funny moments to the serious, or more intimate moments, she was there getting it all!!


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