My Perfect Proposal

Nolan had been working as a groundsman in Troutdale, Oregon (a suburb of Portland) for the past 4 or 5 months and I decided I wanted to go out and visit him. I love Oregon, I had been there once before when I was in 7th grade but hadn’t been back sense. I found this the perfect opportunity to go back! He had the day off on Friday so we decided we wanted to go to the famousĀ Multnomah Falls. We hiked about 2 miles to the very top of the waterfall! It was gorgeous. (Granted the entire hike and all the scenery was breath taking)Nolan wanted to continue to hike up the trail to follow the waterfall up the canyon.Hiking over bridges, mini snow landslides and cute little streams we found another waterfall that was surrounded in gorgeous green plans everywhere. Now fun fact, Nolan HATES pictures!! But he asked if I wanted to take a picture in front of the waterfall and of course I wanted to. So I set up my camera and told him where to stand so it would look good, I set the self timer, and ran down to him. He asked “How do you know when it is actually taking pictures?” I said “I’ll tell you…okay it is right now.” The camera took one photo and he stepped back and before I could even take in what was happening, he was on one knee asking me to marry him. On March 17, 2017 I said yes to the man of my dreams! (Yes, I got engaged on St. Patrick’s Day!) He knew I wanted pictures when I was to get engaged someday and he wanted it to be intimate, special and private and we both got exactly what we wanted.

When I was in young women’s I had made a list of qualities and characteristics my future husband MUST posses. I continued to add onto that list as I got older as well. When our relationship started getting more serious I pulled out my list and got more serious about him and if he was what I really wanted. He marked off every single thing on the list! He even made me add more to my list, and believe it or not I learn more and more everyday of the kind of man he is and he has blown that list out of the water. My family adores him and cannot wait for him to join the family and I love him so much! Our life together is going to be a life full of adventure with zero dull moments and I cannot wait!


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