Nora NYC Sunnies

Okay you guys, I have a new little obsession with sunglasses. The good thing about sunnies is that you need them year round which means you don’t have to pack them up with you summer clothes and wait 6 months to wear them again. I used to have such a hard time finding sunglasses that actually helped block the sun like I wanted them to. Girls shades are made for style and looks and the lenses didn’t always shade my eyes good enough because the lens wasn’t dark enough. I am so happy that they are making mirrored glasses now, cause one, they work really well no matter the color, and two, they are so cute!! I got these from Nora NYC and you can click that link to go to their site. And again, the talented lady behind these photos is Kristen, go to her insta and check her out if you’re in the Idaho area. She is a sweet heart.


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