Palmer Family Photos | Nov. 2017

While we were all home over Thanksgiving we got family pictures because who knows when we will all be together again long enough to get pictures. So the morning after Thanksgiving we got the job done. How cute are they?!

It’s so nice to be married to the person you love most AND to someone who your family has taken in since day 1. Literally. Before we were ever even engaged, Michelle would say “Can I just call him my son already?!” My dad would always make comments like, “When is he going to take you off my hands?” every day he would ask if I was engaged yet and he has been SO excited to get a son, he has been so patient and wanted me to find the right person for me. The first time Nolan came and picked me up my dad insisted on answering the door. When he saw me the next morning he told me how much he liked him already. From then on my dad was always excited when I said that Nolan was coming over. My youngest sister, Alex, had the biggest crush on him.. I mean, I don’t blame her!! 😉 haha! Alex would KILL me if she knew I was telling this story but I’m going to anyways cause it is too cute!! Nolan was coming to pick me up and all of my family knew it. When he knocked on the door Alex jumped right up and ran to the door. She is SO quiet and shy until you really get to know her. Anyways, she answered the door and Nolan said, “Hey Alex, what’s up?” She quietly said “Nothing”, and then my dad had to invite him in cause Alex was too “star struck” to say anything else haha. Apparently, when we left Alex looked at my parents and in a giddy, excited voice she goes, “He knows my name!” hahaha. I LOVE how much my family has taken Nolan in as there own and how much they love him.


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