Thanksgiving Shenanigans

Hey friends!! Who else had a feast on Thanksgiving and ate more than you probably should have?! I know I did, I’ll working off this last weekend for the next month haha. To start off our day on Thanksgiving morning we went with Nolan’s family and went shooting clay pigeons (that’s what we were doing in these pictures and why there are ear plugs in Nolan’s ears), it was so much fun! We finally got to take Nolan’s new pistol out and it is my new favorite gun! Sense both of our families are in Blanding we got to have TWO Thanksgiving dinners. So much yummy foods for us!

So I want to know what fun Thanksgiving traditions you guys all have/do with your families, we don’t really have any traditions for Thanksgiving but I love traditions and want to start some fun ones. Please comment some of yours below for some ideas and inspiration for us!

I was shopping last month and saw this shirt and knew it would be perfect and festive for Thanksgiving day. I’m sad to say I got the very last one of this “Grateful” T-shirt. BUT my favorite jeans aren’t quite sold out yet so go go go and get them here. PLUS they are on sale, don’t pass these babies up! There are some similar shirts to the one Nolan is wearing that I linked here, here and here. Nolan wears his puma tennis on REPEAT, so again I linked similar ones here and here.

I hope you all had a fun filled and happy Thanksgiving and have all started to put your Christmas decorations up 😉 don’t forget to share your Thanksgiving traditions with me!! 🙂


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