Things I Get Asked All The Time

Hey friends! I hope everyone is getting ready to put your sweats on and have a relaxing weekend with the ones you love. Before the weekend gets here I am going to answer some of the questions that I get asked every time I have a conversation with anybody. Usually, when Nolan and I get to visit home, I feel like I am constantly repeating myself when answering these questions.

The number one question Nolan and I both get asked is.. “How is the married life?!” I feel like every newly wed can relate to this one. I think I will get asked this until something bigger comes along or we have been married for a year or two. But, the answer is that it is SO good!! I absolutely love being married to Nolan. I have wanted to be married for as long as I can remember, it is nothing like what I thought being married was like when I was a little girl. It isn’t even much like I thought it would be 3 years ago. It is so much better than I could ever imagine. Having Nolan with me to experience everything with is great. Have you ever gone on a trip and you send a million pictures to your best friend or you wish they were there with you? How many of you have big plans and dreams to go on big trips and adventures with your besties? I know I did! Being married is like living all those dreams and actually accomplishing everything you ever wanted with your best friend. Nolan is the best husband ever, we laugh every single day, we tease and pester each other, we talk about EVERYTHING, we have inside jokes, go on adventures and we get to do it all TOGETHER. After being in a long distance relationship for so long it is such a treat to us to be able to be together all the time.

Most of you probably know that Nolan travels so frequently for work that we have been living in a trailer and get to pull our home around with us where ever we go. So of course we also get asked, “How is trailer living?” or “How is the trailer treating you? Are you sick of it yet?” Honestly it isn’t as bad as you would think. We don’t have much and we really have to rely on each other. Especially now that we are far enough away from home we can’t go home every weekend. We have every thing we need and I’m not complaining about living in our home-on-wheels. It is such a good experience for us. As newly weds I feel like it is really important to learn how to living with each other, you have to learn how to balance your finances and learn to live within your means. I think it is so good for your relationship to learn to be happy with nothing. Especially because I think once we finally settle down somewhere and buy our first home, we will appreciate it SO much more than we would without living how we are right now. In life I think it is very important to be grateful and appreciate everything that you have been blessed with. Yes, every day I think about how I want to decorate my house and what color schemes I am going to use and what not, but what girl doesn’t think about that stuff, right? This experience has been so good for us and I appreciate all the things I have learned from living the trailer life haha.

With Nolan working on the road I obviously can’t go to school while living around the country and I can’t hold a steady job where I have to quit so frequently. So the question that usually follows the previous one is, “What do you do all day?” This answer really depends on where we are living at the time. The first place we lived after getting married was in Idaho. When we were in Idaho I would go explore the town and see what was there. I do that every time we move, I like to see what is in these towns and cities. While we were there I blogged, shopped, and did some shoots for two companies. The next place we went was in Utah and we moved twice when we were in Utah. We were there in August when all of the fairs and rodeos were happening so we did a lot with that. This is where we met the Rowley family, which is now our adopted family. I spent a lot of time with them and it started to feel like home. Now we are in Texas. Texas has been the hardest place to find things to do. So far I have been working on my blog, I watch a lot of Netflix because where we are is really a sketchy place. When Nolan told me we were going to Texas I was excited at first. I have been to Texas before, Dallas and Galveston, and I loved it so much!! We are in West Texas and it is not what I was expecting. So I really have to use my creative mind to keep myself busy inside the trailer all day while Nols is at work. I do exercise quite a bit. I am currently doing Kayla Itsines BBG work outs that I have linked here for y’all to go check out. You need minimal equipment and you can do it from home which is good for me because in places like this one, there isn’t a gym I can go to. I don’t always stick true to my BBG work outs, I will do another post about that soon.

Many people know that I have always wanted to go to college and get a degree. So I do get asked quite a bit about schooling; if I plan to go back, if I’m taking online classes and what that situation is like. I do plan to go to school. I am not currently taking any classes because the profession I want to go into isn’t really equip to do online and I prefer learning on campus in a classroom. I took online classes in high school and that is what made it possible for me to graduate early like I did. It wasn’t bad but I do learn more and better when I am active in a classroom. Schooling is so very important to me, just because I am putting it on hold (which was a VERY VERY hard decision for me) doesn’t mean I’ll never go back.

Now that Nolan and I have both lived in a few different places people like to ask where we plan to settle down. The honest answer is we don’t know. With Nolan’s career choice there isn’t much opportunity for him in our home town of Blanding in Utah. That alone will make it a bit tough to settle down there. With my profession choices I also don’t know if I’ll be able to be in Blanding because it will not be ideal for me either. We both think it would be perfect and great to plant our families roots there but we will be lucky if we actually do. Utah will probably be our forever stomping grounds though. No where is quite like Utah but I would be happy just about anywhere. I have been all over the place and I could be happy living almost anywhere as long as there are opportunities for both of our career choices and we feel like we can make that place home and a place where we feel will be good to raise our family.

I didn’t think this question would start so soon. We have barely been married 3 months and I’m already getting asked when I am going to have babies. WAIT. WAIT. WAIT. I still feel like I just barely got married and people are wondering where the babies are. Hahaha typical mormon thing to do is have lots of babies really fast. That isn’t our agenda though. We do plan to have children, but we are going to wait a while. We both feel strongly that it is important to be married and have time together before kids come along. Cause once they are here they never go away haha. I also think that you have so much to learn about each other, yourself and life when you first get married that you should focus on that for a little while. We are both young and have lots of time and don’t want to rush it. I personally feel like I am still a kid myself, and I am!! I am going to be 20 next month. As my dad would say, “I’m still just a baby.” But funny thing is, my parents are the ones wanting grand babies so bad that’s all they ever talk about. They are so excited for the babies to come like we are pregnant or something. They are funny and I love them. But for now we are perfectly happy spoiling our cute niece Oakley!! We fully intend on becoming the fun aunt and uncle 😉


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