Wedding Day!!

JUNE 30, 2017 | First Look!! This was such a special moment in my life. When I got to the temple and I knew Nolan was on the other side I was so excited to see him.  Mallory and Tristen went to go put Nolan’s boutonniere on and I started getting so nervous. I had intense butterflies, I was nauseous, sweating, more nervous than I have ever been! Then Tristen came to get me and we started walking around and as soon as I saw Nolan standing there, I was shaking and the feelings just escalated!! When I went up to turn Nolan around I stood there and was too nervous cause it was so real!! I turned him around and immediately had to give him a hug. He could feel me shaking!! My nerves were still there but it felt so good to see him and know that in just a few hours we would be sealed for time and all eternity. I thought in that moment I could never love any body more than I loved him in that moment.

All I could think was “This is really happening! We are really getting married. He’s going to be my husband!!” So in love.

Our wedding get up. Nolan looked so handsome for our wedding. Even better than I expected. I said earlier how I never thought I could love anyone more? When we were inside the temple my love for him grew even more. I didn’t know I could love him any more for real that time! My heart is still so full just writing about this day. It was the most incredible experience of my existence. HANDS DOWN!!

Temple Exit | Family + Friends. While we were waiting to exit the temple one of the sisters working in the temple told us that there was a little square in the glass that we could look out of and see outside but they can’t see us. So while we were watching everyone we were trying to make sure everyone was there. Of course we were waiting on our dads. They were probably off talking to some random strangers haha. Eventually we got everyone there.
I love my family so so so much and I also love Nolan’s family. Especially his mom, she is so down to earth and I love when we go home when I get to visit with her and run errands with her. I got lucky to have such a good mother-in-law! Nolan came from a solid family and I am proud to have married into it.
My college roommates and friends. I love these girls SO much and I am so sad that we are all split up but we are all going onto great things. I already can’t wait until we all get to get back together!!

I don’t know about you but Trisha looks a lot more excited about this than anyone else around!! hahaha

I don’t have our wedding video back yet but I will be posting it within the next 2 weeks!! I can’t wait to see it and I can’t wait to share it!! Watch my Instagram account to see when it’s up. I will be posting it on my Vimeo account and I will share a link on this post so keep your eyes peeled 🙂 p.s. I don’t think you will need a Vimeo account to watch it but if you do and you want to see it let me know so I can share it differently.


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