Wedding Reception

I had my dream reception the evening after the wedding!! JULY 1, 2017. The girls in my family made my vision come to life!! If any one needs a party/wedding planner hit me up!! Here are the details of my backyard reception! 🙂 The video is linked at the end too.

Center Pieces. I loved my center pieces! I bought all of the greenery and flowers and lanterns that were in the middle and my grandma and I made them ourselves. (Also not all of the lanterns are the same shape. We had square ones, circle ones, triangular ones and other shapes I don’t know the names of haha and there were bigger ones that are on the food table that you’ll see later) The table clothes were all hand made by my grammy, she is SO talented and crafty. Both of my grandmothers are crafty, I think it’s just a grandma thing 😉

Food Table. Our food table looked amazing!! Although we didn’t get to eat any of the treats there, everyone else said that it was all super yummy! There were a few things left over that we got to try and what we did have wasn’t disappointing! Also, these girls are so awesome and helped keep the desert table stocked with food. Thanks cute girlies 🙂

Decorations. These were the rest of the decorations. We hand made all of the decorations. My cute sister-in-law Makynna made the sign with the “B” on it as a wedding gift. When we saw it at the reception I loved it, it fit right into the theme of our wedding and I could use it to decorate my house someday.

We had SO much family there and even more guests from town that came. The entire reception time was FILLED with people. Way more people came than anyone expected and it made us feel so good. We appreciated everyone who came to congratulate us. I’m so happy that we had the swings, slide and fire poles so the kids had fun too 🙂 I’m not bias at all when I say my reception was really the best. And my little sisters friend Aysia caught my bouquet, fingers crossed she isn’t the next one married, she isn’t even in high school yet lol! Oh, and our back drop was actually real greenery. We cut off the over grown vines in the yard and stripped them down the white material and Pam kept spraying them with water to keep them looking fresh! 🙂

Dances. We weren’t planning on doing any dances at all until it happened. Me and Nols had our first dance, and the song we danced to is the same song that is on our wedding day video. Me and my dad and Nolan and his mom danced at the same time because Nolan HATES having all eyes on him. We danced to mine and my dads song. When I was just a little girl that song was our song, it is so special to both of us and it is the story of our lives. I loved that we got to have our daddy daughter dance and I loved getting to have my first dance with Nolan.

Our cake turned out better than I was expecting!! I LOVED our cake, and it didn’t taste too bad either. I usually don’t like wedding cakes but ours tasted like… I don’t know a good one haha.

Cake Cutting. Cutting a piece of cake out of the bottom of a three tier cake isn’t so easy. I finally just grabbed some with my hand cause I was too impatient. We got the cake in our hands and I said, “Nolan, be nice!!” So he was going towards my mouth and I shoved his all over his face, he chased me down and got me back, you can watch it in our video that is linked here.

Lighting. I was set and stone on having lights hanging above everything for the lighting and no one thought they would make a difference but it did. They were beautiful and had the perfect touch even when the sum was still up. It gave it the feel I was going for.

Exit. After cake everyone lined up and we did a sparkler exit! It worked out better than I thought it would. I have noticed that I keep saying everything turned out better than I had planned, because it did!! My family is AWESOME and made my dream come true.

I linked my reception video above but I will link it again here in case you didn’t see the link above 🙂


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