What Really Matters

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Hey guys! My weekend was so full of adventure and fun with Nolan and my parents. Not only did I have a ton of fun I also had some experiences to make me think a lot about what really matters to me in my life.

On Friday my parents came to Duchesne to see where me and Nolan were living. They got there before Nolan was off of work so I went with them to Provo and Nolan was going to drive up when he got off work. After we got to Provo later that day, my parents and I were driving down main when on the left side of the road a man on his bike got taken out in a construction zone. He flipped over his bike and hit hard onto the road, and he wasn’t moving, as we kept driving past and watching him he still wasn’t moving, we got to a red light and flipped around to go check on this man. When we got to him he was just barely coming into it. He had been knocked out that entire time and here was blood all over the road from his head. We gave him our blanket to rest his head on while some other lady called the cops. The rest of the trip we all kept thinking about this man, his name was Joe. I felt horrible for this man.

By the looks of this man we could tell he didn’t have the money to pay for an ambulance ride and the bills he was going to get from the hospital. My family is comfortable when it comes to finances and all the times that I had to ride in ambulances and go to the hospital it isn’t an easy bill to pay. I started thinking of how blessed I was, especially when we went to the temple Saturday early afternoon. One thought lead to another, I am so caught up in staying up to date with the latest fashions and trends. I am so caught up in social media and materialistic things. When what really matters sometimes doesn’t get the attention it needs.

I feel like in today’s world everyone is so involved in social media and making sure they have the biggest and best new things. Where is that going to get us? What is that going to do for us? Speaking from experience, I have noticed that over the years, I have been so wound up in having the best of the best. In 1, 2 or 3 years down the road, no one is going to remember that super expensive top that you had or that you had the latest upgrade of toys. What people DO remember is the kind of person that you are. What people remember is the way you treated them and the way that you made them feel. They remember what you value. I think to myself what do I want people to remember by? I know I don’t want people to remember me as the girl who only cared about herself and cared about materialist things. I want to be remembered as the girl who was passionate and caring, someone who was kind and that people could count on. Someone that people can turn to when they need help and someone who loves her family. That is how I want to be remembered and how I want people to look at me. Because 10 years down the road, no one will remember anything that you had, they will remember the person that you are. And to me, that is what REALLY matters in life.


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